Child and Family Services

The Child and Family Services (CFS) department was created to ensure the health, safety and well-being of families and children in the community. Through the creation of our Child and Family Services policy, we have the responsibility to protect and govern our own Child Care Law supported by Bill C-92.  While the overall number of Indigenous children and youth coming into care is safely reducing, there is still a high-number of children who are separated from their families and communities while they’re in care. Child and Family Services is committed to keeping Indigenous families together whenever possible.

Additionally, our Child and Family Services department includes the programs such as Prevention Services, Nutrition and Ontario Works. Through these programs, the main focus is prevention, intervention, and post-intervention, through outreach programs for our youth. Those programs include: sports, workshops, cultural activities, plus much more. Our mission is provide support and services to Children, Youth and their families who require the extra support needed to continue building strong, healthy and proud individuals. Furthermore, our vision is to break the cycle of drugs and alcohol among our youth by teaching and showing our youth a healthier lifestyle. We aim to do this through activities that promote confidence, character building, goal-setting, and most importantly, learning resilience

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Rope Hold Challenge

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