Our Health department is the beating heart of the Nation.  The primary objective is to meet the primary health care needs of our Elders, families and youth in the community.  The Health Department programs are:

Choose Life, Jordan's Principle, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, NAN Healthy Babies & Healthy Children, Crisis Intervention Program and Family Wellbeing. ISC programs include Child Development/ Early Childhood Development, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program and Maternal Child Care. Mental Health Well-Being/ NNADAP, Brighter Futures, Building Healthy Communities- Aftercare, Solvent Abuse, Home Community Care Program. 

Through the departments programs, we ensure the health and well-being needs of our membership and residents are met.

Slate Falls Nation is proud to offer its members and residents three Registered Nurses available to address the communities health needs. We have four on-site Mental Health Counsellors that rotate for our members and youth.

Choose Life Program

Choose Life Program provides activities for youth 18 years and under. CLP provides supports that would include land-based healing and activities, prevention, and intervention programs in a holistic approach.


Choose Life project is unique, they bring families together, they bring friends together, connect people to the land, their language and emphasize the importance of cultural identity by introducing Mental Health Counsellors with traditional backgrounds to the members of the community.


Choose Life provides immediate funding relief for youth at risk of suicide by fast-tracking proposals for group child and youth mental health prevention programs/services.

Choose Life Stories- Alena Crane

Choose Life Stories- Kaylee's Happy Place

Choose Life Stories- Reidar Hudson

Choose Life Stories- Maddie  Bighead

Brighter Futures Program

The Brighter Futures Program is to ensure integrated and coordinated programs and services for children, their families and the community, with specific emphasis on mental health, child development, healthy babies, injury prevention and parenting skills.


Jordans Principle Program

Jordan's Principle responds to unmet needs of First Nations children no matter where they live in Canada.

Different levels of government fund different services for First Nations children. As a result, it can be hard to figure out how to access necessary products, services and supports.

Under Jordan's Principle, we can:

  • inform families about the help available for their child and how to access it

  • coordinate access to products, services and supports

  • provide funding when it's needed to make sure products, services and supports are accessed without delay

Jordan's Principle (sac-isc.gc.ca)

Family Well-Being

What is the family wellbeing program? and what does it hope to achieve in the community?


The Slate Falls Family wellbeing program aim is to bring programs and activities to families and individuals of all ages whether it be elders to children to get them more active and involved in the community in a more fun manner, in hopes of keeping the community well-being happier and to bring the community members closer to one another.


 We've done a number of activities from baseball, hockey, horseshoes, Summer Swimming activities, crafts for kids, Game nights, Holiday Festivities, Canada Games, Fish Derbies and Rabbit Skinning.